District 201V3

Victoria, Australia

District 201V3, Victoria, Australia


District Governor Neil Wingrave


Goals for 2019-20:

Firstly, I wish to thank my incoming Cabinet and all partners, husbands, wives of Cabinet Officers; the roles they undertake have an impact on their personal life and they may require your understanding and support before the year is out

District V3 goals and aims for the coming year:

  • Broadly speaking I want our District to focus on 3 areas:
    • momentum
    • innovation
    • tolerance
  • We have received a District that is in good condition and it is ripe to grow and provide great support to our communities. This will only happen if we tend to these three areas.
  • Our membership growth is heading in the right direction and I have set a net target growth of 60 members [that is a net growth of 1 member per club by the end of our year] the momentum that we have and the strategies undertaken by the Action Teams in conjunction with Clubs has put us in a strong position. I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions that I would like our District to be the envy of the other 18 Districts; I’ve already had queries from other Governors for advice and clues on how we’re getting things done.
  • In conjunction with momentum, we need to be innovative; open-minded in the way we operate as Clubs and as a District. Our use of technology that is slowly moving us into the 20th century will serve us well. However we don’t want to leave anyone behind, we want to encourage members to embrace change and support each other as we move forward. Before we know it we’ll be innovating into the 21st century.

It’s not only in the area of technology that we can be innovative, but how we operate our Clubs and provide service to our communities. I’d really like to hear reports from Maurice Blacburn [our Service coordinator] that he needs assistance because of the number of enquiries he’s getting [and we will get that assistance]; also from Bill Lack in the Leadership Development area and Kerrie McMahon in the Membership area, all of these teams are there to assist Clubs to be successful.

The one thing that will retard or diminish our success is intolerance; particularly for our fellow members. For an organisation that looks at helping and working with those in need in the community, we often don’t treat each other very kindly. And we should know better; many of us have had training, many of us have the nous to understand that just because we have different opinions, one doesn’t have to be right and the other wrong, that we can't have quality conversations with each other, or arrange for members to have these conversations when we see misunderstanding occurring.

Finally I’d like to thank Past DG Peter for passing on a healthy District to our new team, to offer my support to 1st and 2nd DG;s Graham Cockerell and Steve Boyce as they continue to develop and move into their roles.

Remember my slogan for the coming year:

Know more, grow more; succeed and enjoy more

And we will all have a great year.

“Know more, Grow more; Succeed and Enjoy more”

Large parts of our district are on fire.
A message from Neil Wingrave, our District Governor.

Our New Year has brought challenges across parts of our District which will try our resolve and resources. The losses that the bushfire situations have inflicted affect us all in some way; some closer to home than others, but all emotionally.

We had been monitoring the situation over the past weeks and currently our District Disaster Relief Chairman, Bob Howie has been keeping me up-to-date with events. I have also been in direct contact with Clubs from Bairnsdale through to Lakes Entrance for detailed information. 11 expressed interest in getting involved with active support, however access to the fire areas east of Bairnsdale is not currently permitted, so we must all wait until the danger has diminished.

If Clubs wish to donate to assist those affected by the fires:
- clothing, goods, food and household items are being collected at two centres in Bairnsdale [Lucknow] by another organisation; it would NOT be prudent for Lions to replicate this activity, so please support them when you can.

Donations of feed - contact Graham Cockerall on 0459 444 111

We have applied for an Emergency Grant from LCIF and further funds will be available from ALF.

If Clubs or individuals wish to raise funds and/or donate for people affected by the fires, either send donations to

V3 District Bushfire appeal:
District 201V3 Activities Account
NAB account
BSB 083953
AC 549748489

Australian Lions Foundation ALF - tax deductible

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