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Victoria, Australia

Food Handling

Food Handling in Victoria

Every State in Australia has Regulations governing the preparation and handling of food for sale to the public. There is a wealth of information HERE.

The laws are usually enforced by your local Council, so their requirements are the best guide to the standards required. In most Cities/Shires, you need to talk to the local Health Inspector or health department before you can fire up the "Barbie", so take their advice seriously.

One-off or irregular events run solely to raise funds for charitable causes and not for personal or business gain, are not required to have a Food Safety Supervisor in Victoria. However, the organisers of the event must make sure that the people who handle the food at the event can do this safely and that there is a Food Safety Program operating to control food safety hazards for such events.

Organisations running events should contact their local council health department to check local requirements for supervision of the event and their requirements for the safe handling of food.

Common sense is a wonderful (minimum) guide - use proper storage bins and keep them off the ground. Keep your supplies stored properly (don't leave the snags out in the sun, at least use Eskies and Ice). Don't mix raw meats (e.g. Chicken and Snags) on the same cutting board. Use food handling gloves; wrap your sausage sandwich in appropriate paper; serve it at the right temperature; don't serve food in one hand and make change with the other and so on ... your local council is there to help you; listen to what they have to say.

The worst publicity your club can get is a complaint about tainted food from a member of the public.

Free online food handler learning program: http://dofoodsafely.health.vic.gov.au