District 201V3

Victoria, Australia

Fund Raising

The Fundraising Act 1998

Does your club raise $10,000 or more from fund raising activities in any financial year? If so, you need to read the following outline and then, click here to go to the Consumer Affairs Victoria web site for further information:

Fundraising appeals are regulated by the Fundraising Appeals Act (Vic) 1998 (Fundraising Act). The Fundraising Act is administered by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

A fundraising appeal occurs if a person solicits or receives money or a benefit on the basis of a representation that the soliciting or receiving is not solely for the profit or commercial benefit of the person, cause or thing on whose behalf the appeal is being conducted.

Fundraising appeals include:
- doorknock appeals
- telemarketing
- traffic intersection/highway collections
- donations to clothing bins
- the sale of goods at opportunity shops
- appeals run by commercial fundraisers
- public appeals to support a club, association or an environmental or community cause
- public appeals to support a cause or person or group of persons, and
- the sale of goods where portions of the sale price are donated to a non-profit organisation or cause.

The Fundraising Act does not apply to soliciting or receiving money or benefits with respect to the following, which are exempt from the definition of a fundraising appeal:
- gaming activities which are regulated under the Gambling Regulation Act (Vic) (Select the page on Raffles above)
- a patriotic fund
- membership of an organisation
- from a member, a person who is in the process of becoming a member of the fundraising organisation, or a relative or personal acquaintance of either of these
- bequests
- a benevolent or philanthropic purpose connected directly with a person or the immediate family of a person who shares a common employer or principal place of business with the fundraiser, and
- from a government body or a corporation, partnership or trust that is permitted to donate money or benefits by its corporate documents.

There are organisations exempted under the Act, but your Lions Club is not one of them if it has a gross Activities Income of $10,000 or more.

Note this DOES NOT include Raffles which are governed by separate Legislation (see Raffles fron the drop-down menu above).