District 201V3

Victoria, Australia

Flood Report

It is two years since we experienced what was one of Australia's most devastating national disasters with the Black Saturday Bushfires.

 We have not forgotten those still suffering and we are still supporting them in their recovery. Now, in the last few months we have seen Australia inundated with floods, devastated by cyclone and again experiencing the horror of bushfire.

Again we have seen loss of life, loss of homes and loss of livelihood. The Lions and Lioness Clubs of V3 have sent a total of $50,000 to the V3 Flood Appeal designating $32,850 to Qld and $10,152 to Victoria. $5000 has been sent to ALF with $1000 being designated to each state. I thank you for this generous response. I know many of you have sent funds direct to clubs and ALF as well.

Your V3 Emergency Committee will decide how your funds will be distributed to those areas you have designated. The Australian Lions Foundation has granted $10,000 to each affected District and has now given $40,000 for the use of the District impacted by Cyclone Yasi. Now, both the V3 Flood Appeal and the ALF Flood Appeal have been extended to support those affected by Yasi.

You can designate where you want your donation to go. We have also received generous donations of hay and designated funds for feed.

District Emergency Fodder Chairman Graham Cockerell advises us:

"All reasonable cost of transport will be paid for fodder transported to approved depots in the flood affected areas, not just a "fuel rebate". At the moment, there is sufficient pasture hay at Kerang and Murrabit. What they are desperate for is quality feed for milking dairy cattle. i.e.:- lucerne, silage, vetch, grain, etc. so we encourage you to consider sponsoring loads of fodder. As the flood waters recede in the Lake Boga area and beyond in the next 10-12 days and new depots are set up, pasture hay will be required in LARGE quantities. We have been assured that transport costs to those new depots will be covered for the additional 3 or so weeks as required ".

Since I received Graham's report there has been wider flooding, even in our own District, and more rain predicted later in the week. It is uncertain when the flooding will end or when this series of emergencies will cease. We can only continue to do what Lions do.

It is a timely reminder for all of us that tomorrow is promised to no-one, and therefore it is important that we continue to protect and support ourselves, our fellow man and our community.

Thank you for your efforts, please continue your great support,

PDG Shirley.

Your Club can donate cash to the District 201V3 Flood Appeal and you can nominate to the District Treasurer where you would like you donation to go (e.g. Qld, NSW or Vic).

We urge you to give generously. Your cheques should be made out to: LCI Lions District 201V3 Flood Relief with a covering note indicating which appeal you club wants to support and sent to:-

Lion Geoff Neal
2 Wallace Crt
Traralgon  Vic   3844

If you want to respond to the request for fodder, contact details are available on the Projects Tab above under "Need For Feed".