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Junior Public Speaking

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Junior Public Speaking

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The aim of the Junior Public Speaking Project is to give students in Primary Schools the chance to develop their ability to speak in public.

Why Encourage Public Speaking?

Why Primary School Students?

Students holding certificates

What Skills do Students Develop

Students who have demonstrated that they have a skill in this area get a chance to further develop their skills by speaking to a different audience in a wider competition.

Here are some examples of our Junior Public Speaking

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How The Competition Works

The competition is run by Lions Clubs for their local schools at two levels. The prepared speech topics will be given to schools in February of each year.

Level 1 – Years Three and Four

Level 2 – Years Five and Six.

The competition has four stages.

1. School – Teachers are encouraged to assist students to develop skills needed to speak successfully. On a prearranged date in June, each school will hold an internal competition. Students will be judged by Lions or community members selected by Lions. They will select one or two students from each level to represent the school at a Lions Club competition.
2. Lions Club – Students from each school within the boundaries of the Lions Club or group of Clubs will compete against each other to choose one student from each level to compete at the Regional competition.
3. Lions Region – Representatives of each club or group of clubs will compete to represent the Lions Region at a Lions District competition.
4. Lions District– Regional representatives to compete at a central venue.

How To Get Involved

If you are a Teacher and would like your school to be involved,
If you are a Lions Club and would like to know more about running the competition,
please contact the project Chairman Geoff Anderson, Lions Club of Mt Erica.